‘Shiptober: Where will ‘The Blacklist’ season 4 take Liz, Tom, and Red?


Mrs Carter: Where will Liz go from here?

The fourth season of “The Blacklist” is now a couple of episodes into its run, and we have certainly seem quite a few different things playing out. Liz and Tom Keen are closer to being together, Baby Agnes is on the way, and they’re closer to having the family unit that they dreamed of once more.

Now that we’ve said all of that, can it actually happen? Given that Tom’s got his own spin-off coming, it seems unlikely. Will it actually happen? That’s another interesting question in its own way, given that we know that there is a divided audience on whether or not he is the right person for her. ‘Shiptober is all about examining interesting relationships and dynamics, and we’re certainly going to do so within the span of the next couple of paragraphs.

The case for Liz and Tom – At the start of the series, there was some love there between these two, even if that love was covered up in the midst of a sea of lies about Tom’s true identity and why he got closer to her. Yet, at the same time these two seem to be drawn together now by chaos, and the shared trauma of their lives. They see each other as refuge, and now with all of their cards on the table, they can understand each other better then most. Yet, we do wonder if someone like Tom, who has been a tool for others before, could become that again at some point in the future. He has a knack for ruining everything good in his life.

The case for Liz and Red – The Lizzington ‘ship is still strong and in seeing everything Red does in order to ensure her safety, we understand that. Whatever his reasoning for protecting her may be, he cares for her deeply – even to the point that he ends up killing other people. He doesn’t hold Liz’s plan against her on anywhere near the same level that he seemed to with Mr. Kaplan. There is always forgiveness for Liz, and that’s a two way street. Everything he’s done has been for Liz and that’s a love that knows no boundaries.

The case for Liz and Ressler – This was something that the writers seemed to be moving towards earlier on in the series, and as much as we liked this pairing they haven’t seemed to go back to it. With everything that’s happened it would be difficult to bring these two together, but never say never. Ressler may be a guy who follows the rules, but we did see how much he cares for Liz even when she was on the wrong side of the law.

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