‘Longmire’ season 6: What stories are top priority?

Longmire -We’ve now made it through the entirety of “Longmire” season 5, and now is the time to make the next move: Looking ahead towards what the next season of the show could bring. While we do not know if Netflix will renew the show or not, we remain hopeful and with that, we’re writing this article as if it is coming back.

If you read our review of the finale, you’ll know that we had some problems with how it did not necessarily tie up the majority of its stories. Several things were left dangling without an enormous cliffhanger, with the exception of Henry Standing Bear bleeding out. We don’t know how there could be more of a cliffhanger there if you tried. With all of this in mind, we thought we’d give you a list of the five things that should be resolved fairly quickly whenever the drama does get a chance to continue its story.

1. Moving forward with Vic’s pregnancy – Once we get through Walt’s lawsuit and what’s going on with Henry, we’d suggest jumping forward a year or so to see what her life is like as a mom. We get the sense that much of the first two seasons on Netflix were told over a reasonably short period of time, so these characters could do with a little calm.

2. Walt getting out of the lawsuit – He’s a Sheriff. He needs to figure out a way to focus on that. He can win the lawsuit, and he’ll still have some series hurdles to deal with such as the Mayor seemingly trying to bury him in the court of public opinion. We don’t quite thing there is going to be a shortage of ways in which to spice the story up.

3. Henry surviving – Did you think this was going to go any other way?

4. A new Deputy – Will Eamonn eventually stick around, will Zachary return, or will something else happen? The show really has not replaced Branch, so they could use another person in there.

5. Offering some hope to Walt and Cady – Much like with many other characters this season, Walt ended things in a bad spot with his daughter. While he has reasons to be suspicions of Jacob Nighthorse, he wrongfully took out much of his frustration on her and that has led in turn to a rift. We’d like to see things move in a more positive direction now.

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