‘The X Factor’ UK: Why acts like Honey G, Ottavio and Bradley advance

X Factor -If you looked on Twitter following the majority of the Judges Houses on “The X Factor,” there was one prevailing emotion that tended to shine through: Rage. People were none too pleased about some of the choices from the judges. For Louis Walsh, he opted to take forward Ottavio and Bradley over the seemingly-superior 4 of Diamonds and Tom and Laura, while Sharon Osbourne shunned Janet Grogan and Christopher Peyton in favor of Honey G. Over on Nicole Scherzinger’s Boys you can argue that Christian Burrows was royally snubbed, but at least there you can at least make a case for some of her choices.

If we were a Janet or a Tom and Laura, we’d understandably be upset or confused by these results. On the basis of pure performing talent, there is little question that Ottavio and Bradley and Honey G were the weakest of their respective categories. There is a reason that they were each previously eliminated from their groups, as the judges at one point considered talent more so of a priority.

Yet, there are reasons to everything with this franchise, and with that we argue there are reasons why this particular decision happened.

1. Buzz – While there may be many out there who hate both of the oft-aforementioned acts, they generate strong reactions online and they keep their shows interesting. There are many who will at least be curious as to what they each bring for the week or two that they are both on the show. Following that, they will inevitably be kicked off, but the show will have gotten what they want out of them at that point.

By this same token, maybe there is a little bit of a game of odds here. Maybe the sentiment here was that some of the other acts who were snubbed in favor of Honey G and Ottavio and Bradley would not win the show anyway, so producers / judges may as well go for the campier choices.

2. Diversity – For producers, a show with a billion ballads is not interesting. Now, you’ve got two performers a week who are probably not going to do a ballad a single time that they are on the show.

3. Future aspirations – This one may sound the strangest, since we’re effectively saying that someone with less natural singing / performing talent will be more famous than someone who is technically better. Look at is this way: Rylan Clark-Neal is very much beloved now, but years ago people screamed and threatened to not watch the show anymore when he was put onto the live shows. He was extremely talented, but not so much at singing. If Nicole hadn’t taken that chance, would he be co-hosting “The Xtra Factor” now? We wonder. He was given this opportunity mostly because of his time on the show. Maybe someone in this group has a chance of having a future somewhere on television, and there is value keeping them for that.

Personally, let’s be clear: We wouldn’t have either of these acts still in the competition. We’re just trying to get inside the head of what producers are potentially thinking.

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