‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 3 review: Blye remains in ICU, team solves abduction case

On Sunday night, the fans watched as “NCIS: Los Angeles” still searches for the leak in the unit. The smart chess-playing moves of Henrietta “Hetty” Lange offered the team more time to reveal who is the mole in the unit as they continue to look. Opening up the episode with an abduction that happened only steps outside a Los Angeles mosque, the team needs to stay focused on finding out what is going on with the case. Meanwhile Hetty is still in Washington, DC being interrogated by Under Secretary of Defense Corbin Duggan.

The serious health situation of Blye is on the hearts of her coworkers. Hanna, Callen, and LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks keep tabs on her at the hospital as she has yet to wake up from a coma. Laying in a hospital bed, there is nothing her team can do while the doctors wait to find out her outcome and see little signs of movement. The scene where Deeks slips the engagement ring on Blye’s finger was moving. Knowing he might have lost her forever, he continues to keep up the hope that she will make a full recovery and be his wife.

The loss of Kensi Blye working in the field means Nell Jones needs to fill her shoes. Looking to help with the case, Jones partners up with Deeks as they continue on with the case. Really shining with the challenges of the job, Jones takes down not one, but two bad guys in one day and really seemed to enjoy being out of the ops room.

The abduction case started out as a possible hate crime, but ended up being far bigger scheme. Locating a container full of women waiting to be shipped out of the country, it appeared that the reason for the original abduction was to save young women being sent to the Middle East. They were all victims of a part of a human trafficking scheme. Pursuing their dreams of acting in Los Angeles, the women were sent on modeling jobs overseas by a fake casting call agent, but the models never came home. Cracking the case required Jones to partake in answering all sorts of Los Angeles casting calls. In the end the human trafficking ring is broken up and many lives are saved.

After last week’s episode, Hetty Lange made it clear she was going to make sure the unit stayed together. She did this by outmaneuvering the Under Secretary of Defense and going straight to his boss. Working out a deal that makes sense for the unit and finds the mole, Hetty postdated her resignation in case the results in the weeks ahead aren’t favorable to the Secretary of Defense. She will be seen at her desk on the next episode as she is still looking for the people responsible for the leaks. Now with a deadline looming, she needs to devise a plan to smoke out the mole and keep her job.

This week the show gave fans another exciting episode to watch.  Episode grade: A-.

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