‘Lucifer’ season 2, episode 2 video: More trust issues

The second season of “Lucifer” is returning to Fox with new episodes come Monday after a week off, but rest assured that it is hopefully coming back with quite a bang as we’re going to have a chance to learn a thing or two more at the moment regarding what is happening with the presence of Mom on Earth. She’s someone still trying to learn a thing or two regarding certain traditions, and you can certainly see that there is much work to be done with the relationship with her son. He doesn’t trust her, and to be fair, there are reasons for this behavior that stem back for some time.

Can the two get on the same page? The sneak peek does not make it clear, but it does appear that in general, the relationship between Mom, Lucifer, and Amenadiel is going to remain incredibly complicated the longer she is around. In teasing that dynamic further, Tricia Helfer recently had the following to say to TVLine:

“Well, Amenadiel has always followed more his Father’s word. Amenadiel was the one that carried Mom down to Hell, on his Father’s command. So now that Mom is back on Earth, he is also very distrustful of her, but throughout the episode we’re shooting now, and because of things that happen along the way, he starts to question: Should he have been believing of his mother more along the way? She’s now here on Earth seemingly caring about him and loving him and being there for him, so he becomes closer to his brother in many ways, and he definitely becomes closer to his mother. In some ways, the longer Mom’s on Earth, the closer she gets to Amenadiel and the further apart she grows from Lucifer, which is the opposite of how it started out.”

Ultimately, it’s best to call this a fluid situation! We’ll see how it works out.

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