‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Monte’s nominee talk; the day 3 recap

Monte -It’s still somewhat crazy to us that we are really watching a “Big Brother” season in real time from the beginning, and we gotta be honest — “OTT” is proving to be very entertaining from the beginning. Sure, there are some unlikable characters (Monte’s ego is through the roof), but at the same time there’s something fun about seeing everyone get accustomed to this craziness so early into the game.

Let’s talk first here about the brief recap that aired at 7:00 p.m. Pacific tonight. Kudos to the editors for this show for really packing a lot of key events from the past day into a very short period of time. We saw the formation of the OTT Jamboree alliance (Kryssie, Jason, Scott, Shelby, and Justin), and we also saw Monte getting the first Head of Household after the “BB Bug” was passed around enough times. We of course wish these were slightly longer, but we’re glad they’re happening since we get some Diary Rooms in here.

Here’s the one part of this package that was complete nonsense: Morgan and Alex trying to sell us a bill of goods that they weren’t planning to work together! They may not get along at all outside of the house, but they’re family; if Evel Dick and Daniele can do it, we certainly feel like they can.

The recap also did a good job showing the discussion between Whitney and Monte that led to him getting HoH — once again, this was short and sweet, but for the most part effective.

There were¬†going to be some live Diary Room sessions coming tonight, but it doesn’t appear that they are happening tonight.

The latest from the live feeds¬†– Monte has been holding court, and for right now Kryssie, Shelby, and Jason are his potential targets. He and many others want Jason out, but the real wild card in here remains what America is going to do with some of their power. If someone like Cornbread is nominated and the guys’ alliance is exposed, Cornbread could be cooked. (Yep folks, we’re here all weeks.)

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