‘Shark Tank’ preview: Goodhangups, Ice Age Meals, The Lapel Project, TactiBite Fish Call, Illumibowl

Shark Tank -Tonight on ABC, the second episode of “Shark Tank” is going to air and it appears as though variety really is the name of the game. How else do you describe an episode that features an innovation in wall hanging, a way to fix up suits, a fishing improvement, and frozen paleo-friendly meals? It’s an interesting assortment, and one that could be fun to watch.

Oh, and there’s also an update on a light-up toilet as well. Remember Illumibowl? Well, they’re going to be back with some sort of segment! Oddly, we do think this is the sort of thing that could make a ton of money.

Goodhangups – This is a pretty useful idea! We certainly remember being in college, and as a result of that having issues trying to find the right sort of stuff to use to hang up movie posters and various artwork. Typically, we’d just settle for masking tape. This is a system of magnets that works to hang up various photos, fliers, posters, and much more on your wall, and does so without damaging it. It seems affordable enough, they’re patent pending, and we could see this being perfect for a Lori Greiner to put on a QVC — or another Shark on a different home-shopping equivalent.

TactiBite Fish Call – If you really dig fishing, maybe this advanced fish-call product is for you since the claim here is that it will use sounds and vibrations to help you catch more fish. Feels a little like a shortcut! We’re not the target market for this, and to us the main concern is the $99 price tag. Unless you’re someone who fishes fairly regularly or just has money to burn, we don’t see you going for this. To us, we view fishing (or at least the few times we’ve gone) as a hobby about relaxation more so than collecting a huge haul.

Ice Age Meals – We’re actually pretty familiar with paleo food, so we’re impressed that the company really is providing a frozen-food version of many relatively-familiar dishes, and they’re doing so without having to add a lot of other ingredients. The thing here is that if these meals are genuinely good, they’re probably worth the price since you’re getting so many meals out of it without having to buy the good and cook up the meals (sometimes paleo food can take a good bit of time to prepare from scratch). The trouble here is the risk, since you’re talking almost $11 a meal and unless you buy 14 of them, you have to pay for shipping — which can be very expensive for frozen food. Hopefully, this company enters the Tank mostly to advocate for growing their existing business and isn’t looking to compete in stores.

The Lapel Project – Simply put, this transforms any suit into a tuxedo, or at least something a little more high-fashion. The prices for it don’t seem bad, and we can see some events like weddings, proms, or banquets where having something like this could be useful. The challenge here is appealing to some guys out there who don’t quite see any tangible purpose for something like this.

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