‘Longmire’ season 5, episode 7 review: Second verse, same as the first

Longmire -Let’s face it: “Longmire” really loves doing cliffhangers where there are gunshots, and then the end credits roll. Remember what happened to Branch at the end of season 3? Or, remember what happened just two episodes ago when it comes to Ferg? There are times in which this sort of ending works, but we’re not sure that the show needed it to end episode 7 of this season, otherwise known as the one where Cady Longmire has to use the rifle given to her by Jacob Nighthorse to protect herself and Asha from the latter’s husband. We’ve seen this ending before!

Do we presume that Cady is alive? Certainly so, mostly because getting rid of her in this sort of way is pretty horrific and it likely also means the end of Asha as well. Therefore, to us the more worthy end this time would have been with the husband’s being shot, and Cady left to wonder what to do from here now that she has been put in a position very different than ever before.

Cady’s story to us felt like the most stable part of the entire hour, at least in terms of stories that are going to matter when we start watching episode 8 tomorrow. Walt remained firmly in the case-of-the-week camp, though it remained a rather fascinating one about a man whose body was found buried in a tree a significant stretch of time beforehand. He was discovered by treasure hunters in what proved to be a clever misdirect from the true killer: His mother-in-law, desperate to protect her daughter’s inheritance at all costs once she learned of his plans to divorce.

Meanwhile, Ferg took the opportunity to investigate part of the case in Colorado while having a little bit of a road trip with his new girlfriend. There was something odd about the way she was questioning his job that felt a little odd, but we always have crazy conspiracy theories with this show. Remember that we spent a substantial amount of time freaking out that Donna was somehow involved in the cliffhanger at the end of season 4. This may have just been a fun little diversion to remind us that The Ferg does deserve a little bit of happiness.

We have to admit that the main case was probably the best of the procedural ones so far this season, but with there only being three episodes left, there was a part of us that wanted to see the story push forward something with either the Irish mob or with Henry (who was barely around this time) and Mathias. The Cady stuff has been very good for most of the season, but we’re still a tad confused about how no one was there to pick up when Asha dialed 911. That, plus the cliffhanger with the shooting. Grade: B.

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