‘The Fall’ season 3, episode 4 review: Is this show becoming the new “Hannibal”?

The FallWhen we last saw Paul Spector on “The Fall” he had no memory of anything he had done in the past 10 years, but it’s not enough for the judge to dismiss his case, so he will be headed into a deeper psychiatric evaluation. Is he going to be fit to stand a criminal trial or is this memory loss his get out of jail free card?

In the last episode of “The Fall” it was noted that Paul was unable to get an MRI because he still has shrapnel in his body that would be pulled out by magnetic force from the machine, but we started this episode with him getting an MRI after they found that the fragments left in his body contain no iron. While there is a loss of some grey matter in his brain, they don’t see anything in the brain scan that would explain Paul’s memory loss. Is he faking or is this something that he is repressing?

Spector’s solicitors are trying to pull apart the case against him by using some of Stella’s movements against her, saying that she had intimate conversations with him, gave him her personal phone number and that he was in her hotel room with her at one point leaving her a diary entry in her journal. They are suggesting that she seduced a confession out of him and request to see the entry from the journal.

Katie is his alibi for most if not all of the murders, but he says he doesn’t know Katie and is shocked when he hears that he had a sexual relationship with her when she was only 14. They have him listen to his confession and watch the videos he took of Rose and himself, but it doesn’t help him remember anything, instead it just sends him into a panic about what he has done.

Sally Ann tried to kill herself and her two children in the last episode, but a passerby pulled the children out of the car before it was submerged in the ocean and Sally Ann made it out alive as well. Paul learns that his family is being treated at the same hospital as him and just before he is moved to the psychiatric hospital, he has a chance to see his son for the first time since he’s forgotten that he even has one.

What was interesting was watching the relationship that developed between Paul and his nurse, as she handed him an inspiring note when he left her care. We also had a very honest talk between Rose and Stella where Rose revealed that she had been with Paul more then one time and Stella admits that she thinks she gave away Rose as her informant when she said “Peter” to him on the phone putting a target on her.

This episode felt a lot like older episodes of “Hannibal” complete with the dialogue “participating or observing Paul”, which is something that Hannibal said to Gillian Anderson’s character on that show as well. The pacing is also very similar to “Hannibal” this season as it is a lot slower, but only so that they can dive deeper into these characters minds – something that “Hannibal” did brilliantly. Now that Paul is in the psychiatric care facility, we expect to see things slowed down even further as they will reach into the dark recesses of this killer to see what he can really remember. Episode grade: A-

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