‘The Fall’ season 3, episode 3 review: Will memory loss free Paul Spector from jail?

The Fall -Last time on “The Fall” we saw Paul Spector wake up, but he is not his full self. He conveniently doesn’t remember getting shot, being in police custody or what he did to get arrested in the first place. His memory seems to be stuck ten years prior when his daughter was still very young and he doesn’t understand what’s happening. Is this going to be the defense that will get him out of jail time and back on the streets?

Stella thinks that the charges against Sally Ann should be dropped, but the higher ups feel that if she hadn’t lied for Paul, Rose Stagg never would’ve been hurt. They feel that Sally Ann is as much a part of these crimes as Paul is. After hearing that she is going to be charged, Sally Ann drugs her children, puts them in the car and contemplates driving all three of them into the ocean. Did she go through with it and end all of their lives? No answer on that this week!

After an intense evaluation with a therapist, Paul seems to really have no recollection of anything in the past ten years, he doesn’t even remember that he has a son. He asks if he is ever going to remember and the therapist doesn’t seem hopeful that his long term memory loss will return. The reason for this memory loss isn’t clear yet and because he still has bullet fragments in his body they can’t do an MRI. Will this hurt Stella’s case? Although he confessed to the crimes before his memory loss, because he has no recollection of these crimes now and much of the evidence is based on his testimony it could cause problems for Stella.

Paul finally learns through his solicitors what he’s being charged with and he can’t believe what he’s hearing. He says that he’s never seen many of these people he hurt before and the only person he recognizes is Rose Stagg even though he says he hasn’t seen her in ten years. Rose is well enough to come in and recount to Stella exactly what happened during her abduction and her testimony may be enough to have Paul charged.

Now that Paul is fully informed of everything he’s done and everything that’s happened he appeared in court (via streaming video) at the advice of his solicitors. They try to say that he is not fit to be held accountable for his crimes, but the judge tells him that he will be sent to a psychiatric hospital for further evaluation.

This has been a very slow season so far, but this episode started to bring us back towards “The Fall” that we know and love. It was still a bit slow, but the story is finally moving forward and we are getting closer to seeing what (if any) are going to be Paul’s punishment for his crimes. There’s a lot of evidence against him, but with his memory loss and strong solicitors he may be able to get away with murder. Episode grade: B

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