‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ cast spotlight: Meet ‘OTT’ houseguest Shelby Stockton

Shelby -One of our favorite things about the preseason for “Big Brother” is seeing just who among the cast ends up lying about their job. There are times when it makes some sense, but there are also times where it is completely ridiculous. Take, for example, Danielle in season 14 lying about being a nurse, or Bronte lying at first about being a arithmetician. However, Derrick and Vanessa are two players that did this effectively — can Shelby Stockton do the same on “Big Brother: Over the Top”?

We’re going to take the drama out of this virtually right away, and also that with a pretty emphatic “no.”

Bio – She’s a 24-year old recent law school graduate, and she has no interest in telling anyone that she has the qualifications of an attorney. She’s from Arizona, but is living out in Simi Valley now, which is not too far from Los Angeles. Out of the people we’ve spotlighted so far, she’s the one closest in proximity to the typical hotbed for reality-show casting.

Also, she’s got a Victor-level laugh in terms of craziness.

Strengths – We don’t doubt her intelligence, just as we also don’t doubt her ability to compete or her social game. We do think that her training probably will make her decent at manipulation and also reading other people. It also could allow her to effectively control things in the event she is in power. Shelby’s the sort of female player who could win many competitions easily and challenge some other threats.

Weaknesses – Here’s where things come apart a little bit. For one, she doesn’t like Britney Haynes?! Who doesn’t like Britney Haynes?! Okay, that’s not really a weakness. We don’t get the sense that she’ll be able to hide her secret for long in the game, just as we also think her self-described “boy-crazy” label means that she will get into some showmance and mess her whole game up. Then again, here’s a sad-but-true statement: You gotta go all the way back more than a decade in this game to find a female winner who was not in a prominent showmance. We just don’t think she’ll be low-key enough to keep herself from being a target, and we think she’ll be far too confrontational.

Prediction – Shelby’s upside is probably somewhere along the line of where Amanda finished in season 15, but we just think she’s going to go in there and be too aggressive almost from the jump. She has decent plans, but we worry about the execution for her.

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