‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ cast spotlight: Meet ‘OTT’ contestant Danielle Lickey

Danielle -We’re here with our second of our “Big Brother: Over the Top” spotlight articles, and Danielle Lickey is someone who certainly is reminiscent of several other contestants over the past couple of years. She’s a young mother who loves the game, wants to play hard, and try to make big moves along the way. She reminds us a good bit of Brittany from season 16 mixed with maybe a little bit of someone like a Cassi from season 13. We don’t know if she was a recruit or an applicant, but it does seem like she’s at least done her homework. Based on her photo, she may also be familiar with wind machines.

For those wondering, our main source of information for this article is the bio / video information that is available on the official CBS site.

Bio – She’s a 23-year old preschool teacher from Visalia, California, which is located between Fresno and Bakersfield. She’s not falling directly into the “found at a bar in Santa Monica” camp that we often see many reality stars recruited from. It’s ironic given that she doesn’t seem to be a fan of Zakiyah at all, given that they’re both teachers in around a similar age range. Like with Brittany or Da’Vonne, she’s a young mom from California.

Strengths – She’s thinking strategically, and wants to take parts of Derrick, Dr. Will, and Rachel Reilly’s games. That is so much easier said than done, but at least she has her sights set on something and understands what they did well. (Granted, it’s somewhat of a contradiction given that Dr. Will never won competitions, something that Rachel is famous for.) We don’t quite know how much of a role viewers will have with nominations / voting week to week, but we do think that fans should appreciate having someone out there who is not interested in a showmance and wants to make the game exciting.

Weaknesses – We’ve seen it time and time again: There’s a tendency for strong-minded women to be targeted early in this game, and Danielle seems to have no chill whatsoever in keeping her competitive nature a secret. She could establish herself as an early threat, and given that part of her strategy is to find a couple of people to be really loyal to, she could run the risk of isolating herself with them and not being able to forge good bonds with anyone else.

Prediction – While her head may be in the clouds, at least Danielle has some sort of drive to play. That should get her a few weeks into the season, but if we had to guess she’ll be gone around seventh place because she doesn’t know how to keep her competitive nature to a minimum.

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