‘NCIS: New Orleans’ season 3, episode 1 review: How did the team react to Brody leaving?

NCIS New OrleansIt may feel like this show has just started, but we are already entering our third season of “NCIS: New Orleans”. The first part of season 1 took some time to really get going, so we were a little worried about the fate of this show, but it’s since found it’s footing and has built some great stories so far. With that in mind, let’s see what they have in store for the season 3 premiere, especially since we are going forward without Zoe McLellan.

So what was this episode like without Zoe? We have to be honest when we say that we missed her energy since she had a nice chemistry with the group. The premiere didn’t try to bury Brody not coming by only lightly touching on it and instead they put the teams feelings about it all front and center.

Everyone was on administrative leave after what happened last season, so when they all return Pride tells them that Brody isn’t coming back. He also reveals that the reason isn’t only because of what happened with Russo that made her come to this decision and that it was something that she was thinking of for a while. Most of the team is taking it the best way they can, but we can see that there are some cracks. Percy is really angry about the way Brody left, Sebastian is crushed (especially since he was dying to ask her out) and Pride feels like he really let her down by not giving her what she needed.

Our group is back in action with a case involving a sniper that opened fire in a large group of people. While many people got hurt, only one person got killed with a very specific hit that the team had seen from another sniper weeks before on another case. This is happening at a big time for New Orleans as it’s the Fall festival and there are lots of tourists in town. With the help of an agent from the FBI they are able to take the sniper down and save the day, but this agent is also there to help finishing the investigation on the NCIS team.

If you were hoping to see a little movement between Percy and LaSalle, we didn’t have much. He tried to talk to her about a hug they shared and she brushed it off like it was nothing, but there is still some exciting chemistry there between these two. The premiere handled losing McLellan the best they could and that was what we wanted to see happen more then anything else. Episode grade: B-

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