‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ episode 2 preview: Heart attack fears; showmance stumbles

Jessica -

The first episode of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” was fun at times, but also incredibly dramatic at others. The weather crisis was unlike anything that has ever been on the show before.

So where do we go moving into Wednesday’s new episode? The latest promo via CBS emphasizes more than anything else a pair of different situations worth watching out for.

1. A Taylor / Figgy showmance – We saw the beginnings of this seemingly on the premiere, as these two and Jay are going to be a part of the potentially-terrible Triforce alliance. It’s a good thing to have a close three when it’s a secret alliance. When it’s public, not so much. Figgy in particular could be in big danger when you get to tribal council (provided they go there), given that the guys could be seen more as physical assets. Also, it doesn’t seem like she and Michaela are going to be getting along potentially well.

2. A medical situation over at the Gen X camp – The words “heart attack” are mentioned in this preview much like they were the one that aired after this past episode, and we still do not have any direct indication as to what is going on here or who is in danger. Our hope is that whatever this situation is turns out to be okay, mostly because it’s not something we heard a whole lot about going into the season. If it was truly horrible, we like to think that there would be a little bit more news released on the subject in advance.

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