‘Shark Tank’ preview: Fizzics, ISlide, Spoonful of Comfort, Rethink, and Prep Expert (2400 Expert)

Shark Tank -Tonight marks the premiere of “Shark Tank” on ABC, and we’re imagining that this is going to be a fun show! For the first time all six Sharks will be in the Tank at the same time, working to try to scoop up businesses for themselves. As we’ve done with every episode really since season 3, we’re here to preview all of the products shown off in the hour. To see more on any of them, just click on any of the links below!

The update segment tonight is focused on Prep Expert, a company formerly known as 2400 Expert that is all about test preparation. They’ve expanded dramatically since the show, so clearly there is some sort of secret in the sauce that works well for them to attract business — as in, their customers are seeing results. When you are charging hundreds of dollars for a product, the only way you’re going to stick around is if consumers are seeing the benefit.

Fizzics – Our first product spotlight for this season is a revolution to how drink your beer. Specifically, this system works to give you an on-tap experience for the beers that you have at home. It enhances the flavor of your beverage, and has it served to you in a way that looks like it often does in the beer commercials. It’s a clever idea, especially in this day and age where craft beer is so extraordinarily popular. The superficial problem we have here is that $150 is a lot for something that is not entirely necessary for people to enjoy their beer, especially when it adds another step to the process. Were this around $50-$75, we could see it being more attractive.

Spoonful of Comfort – This seems to be a hybrid almost of a food delivery service and a florist, mostly in that you’re giving the gift of food alongside expressing a sentiment. The idea here is sending comfort food (soup, cookies, and rolls) to someone who needs a pick-me-up. The biggest concern we have with this is that there’s no substitute to showing up to make said soup for your friend / family member in need in-person, and unless you’re willing to shell out a ton of cash for overnight shipping, odds are they may feel better within the couple of days it takes to get the product sent over.

ISlide – In this age of customization, this product is cool. It’s a way to customize your own slide-on footwear, complete from the color to the graphics to even custom text. It’s a fun idea for people who want to show off some personality and get something specific that they cannot find elsewhere. Also, at $49 the price is fairly reasonable given what you are getting. If the right business plan is in place, we can easily see this getting a deal.

ReThink – This is a software solution with a singular intention in mind: Trying to stop cyber-bullying effectively before it starts by advising its users to potentially reconsider whether or not to use potentially mean or offensive language before sending out a message, a social-media post, or something of the like. To us, this is one of those products that is probably incredibly effective for those who buy it; the challenge is convincing people to take that step, especially since parents like to convince themselves that their child is good and would never stoop to such levels as being rude to their friends and classmates.

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