‘Big Brother 19’: Our top eight male All-Star candidates

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Now that we’ve gotten through “Big Brother 18” (and at times, “getting through” really was the right way to describe it), we’re moving on to what is for us the next order of business: Looking ahead to a potential All-Star season down the road. Maybe it’s season 19, maybe it’s season 20, or maybe it’ll never happen. We just like to speculate.

What we’re doing both today and tomorrow is identifying our top contenders for the gig, at least in terms of one-time players since the first All-Stars who could bring something to a return. Some of them are funny, some of them are strategic, and one just has a really weird laugh. We tried not to include on here people who we think have no interest in ever playing again — for example, Steve Moses said that he wouldn’t want to go back. Also, it’s not as much fun to include winners since we know their potential.

Memphis Garrett (season 10) – First things first, it’s crazy to think that it’s been this long since season 10 came on the air. Yet, there’s something intriguing about watching someone who was Dan’s right-hand man come back onto the show and try to see what sort of damage he could do.

Kevin Campbell (season 11) – Somehow, he’s been overlooked over the years for being a pretty smart, calculating strategist. If he won the final Head of Household Competition and went to the end against Natalie, we’re probably looking at this particular season an entirely different way.

Matt Hoffman (season 12) – One of the most devious, entertaining players who has oddly, for whatever reason, never come back to play the game again. Think about some of the people who have been asked back; then, remember that we’ve only seen Matt once. Prepare to cry.

Dominic Briones (season 13) – By far a much better player than his result on season 13 showed. He was a victim mostly of being steamrolled by a veterans alliance that was strong in the early going, and a group of newbies who were utterly clueless as to what to do in the game.

Zach Rance (season 16) – Zach’s a guy who has fallen off of the radar somewhat after looking like a lock to return a year or two ago. We’re just salivating at the thought of getting him and Paul in the house and seeing what it’d look like from a craziness perspective.

John McGuire (season 17) – Amazing diary rooms, supremely likable, and probably someone who could easily win the game with a tweak here or there. It’s easy to imagine a situation where Johnny Mac comes back and silently takes out threats.

Victor Arroyo (season 18) – This one is obvious. He’s the reigning America’s Favorite Houseguest, he’s a physical beast, and he’s extremely likable. He may be too big of a threat to ever win, but it feels like a sure thing that viewers would want to see him back.

Paul Abrahamian (season 18) – Doesn’t any All-Star season need a bit of friendship? Paul wasn’t necessarily a great player at first, but he became one as the season went on as he started honing his ability to lie and scheme. He may be considered a target with this past season fresh in mind, but over time that could start to dissipate a little.

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