‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 2 review: Burgess, Tay look for solutions to Fogel problem

Chicago PDLast time on “Chicago PD” we saw the meaning of true friendship and love when Voight was moments away from being caught red handed by Crowley as she dug up the spot that he buried Justin’s killer and they came up empty handed. Lindsay had gone back and moved the body somewhere else and her bond to Voight is forever sealed. Is this going to be the end of the investigation into Justin’s killer by Crowley or will this come up again later in the season?

Burgess and Tay are getting along really well and are starting to even talk about their personal life. Burgess tells Tay that she’s not going to be dating any more and Tay says that she won’t make it 30 days. When Burgess reveals that she dated within the department Tay asks if it was Antonio saying that she thinks he has it “going on”. When Tay sees Burgess and Ruzak talking she pegs him for her ex and of course she’s right on the money about it. This friendship is developing nicely and as much as we liked Roman and Burgess, there’s something nice about partners that are just partners.

Tay runs into her old commander, Fogel, at the station. He put her into a bad detail after she refused his advances, but we learned tonight that it was with Trudy’s help that she was able to get out from that bad detail and partnered with Burgess. Unfortunately, Fogel is determined to get Tay back to this rotten job and threatens to destroy Trudy if she doesn’t fix the situation.. clearly Fogel doesn’t know Trudy very well and she doesn’t take well to threats.

Halstead still hasn’t gotten an answer from Lindsay on if she would move in with him and he pushes her for an answer. She tells him that she is completely in love with him (awwww), but that because she already has a mortgage she would like him to move in with her. He happily agrees and we can hear a collective sigh from fans across the country when he tells Lindsay that he loves her too.

We also saw Mouse talking about leaving the team to go back to his ranger unit… are we going to lose him? We saw him talk to Voight asking him for a favor so he can get back in the unit. There has been a lot of changes going on in some of our favorite crime shows (like “Criminal Minds”), and it would be a real loss for Mouse to go.

While we enjoyed the Burgess/Tay storyline tonight, the case of the week didn’t really capture our attention. Also, we know that Lindsay is a tough woman, but we honestly expected her moving a dead body for Voight to have a bit more of an effect on her that would bleed into at least one more episode. Episode grade: C+

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