‘Luke Cage’ video: Mike Colter, producers detail title character’s journey

For everyone out there who loves “Luke Cage,” there’s going to be a sense of victory in the air: After all, we’re not all that far away from the show premiering on Netflix September 30!

If you’re not too familiar with the character, or you haven’t seen Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” just yet, we do think that the video below is a great guide for you. In this, you’ve got a chance to see the show’s executive producers plus star Mike Colter detail his entire journey so far, and that includes how Luke eventually chose to hide out in Harlem, working at a barber shop before everything really starts to begin for him. Of course, that includes watching him try to clean up the city using his own unique brand of heroism.

Based on everything we’ve seen about the show so far, what is exciting about it is that there is going to be the right mixture of humor, action, and drama sprinkled in across all of the episodes. There is a sense of pressure here to follow up Jessica and “Daredevil,” but we’d argue for the most part that it’s good pressure. The last thing that you want to do is see all of this hype go to waste, and you get the sense that the producers really know that and want to live up to expectations.

Of course, there are only so much that sneak peeks and featuettes are going to provide. Eventually, we are just going to need to see the show itself to figure out whether it really is the superhero product we’ve all been waiting for.

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