‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ spotlight: Will David Wright’s humor transfer to the game?

David -

We’ve made it finally to the last “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” spotlight before the start of the season, and we like to think that we saved one of the most entertaining people for last in David Wright. He’s a diehard fan of the show, someone who is incredibly neurotic, and he has a thing for being able to make people laugh. If he was 22 years old, these are traits that would make him incredibly endearing to the Millennial tribe.

However, David’s a Gen X-er, and he’s stuck on a tribe because of a twist this season full of people who aren’t like him at all. Can he find a way to survive in this sea of different people, and can he mask some of his weaknesses in the early going? These are questions we’re going to do our best to analyze.

Tribe – Takali (Gen X Tribe).

Bio – He’s 42 years old, and is a television writer best known for “Family Guy.” He lives in Sherman Oaks, which is located not too far out of Los Angeles. He’s also worked on “Malcolm in the Middle,” and his most-recent project is “Legendary Dudas.”

Positive attributes – Being funny and engaging can go a long way, and we do think that David has the personality that should suit this aspect of the game. He’ll be a breath of fresh air who is not out to be a leader and scream at everyone. He’s also someone who understands the game well and could be looked at almost as a strategic adviser to some of the other people who are perhaps thinking about things on a more strategic level.

Potential negatives – He has next to no survival skills, he’s not even remotely athletic on the surface, and he’s probably going to give off the impression that he’s a schemer. Gen X people tend to love their stability, and they could view him as an unstable element and someone who could screw them over if he makes it far enough in the game. There is such a thing as the threat of the unknown, and they could view him as a potentially big target after the merge.

“Survivor” comparisons – We’re not going to deny him of his Cochran comparison — though it is more Cochran from “South Pacific” who seems relatively unprepared for going out there mixed with the Cochran from after “Caramoan” who works as a TV writer himself. We also think that another comparison here could be Anthony from “Survivor: Fiji,” a guy who was similarly in a fish-out-of-water situation and clashed with many of the more macho people in the tribe.

Early assessment – We relate a lot to David’s neuroses and lack of “Survivor” ability; if we were out on the show, he’s someone we’d probably be profiled similar to. Unfortunately, we’re worried for him with the makeup of the tribes being what they are. If he can get to a tribe swap, though, we figure he’ll be find so long as the Millennials are willing to bring him in.

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