‘Beauty and the Beast’ series finale review: Cat and Vincent risk death to find happiness

Beauty and the BeastThrough the majority of “Beauty and the Beast” as a series, one question has defined the story: Is it possible for Vincent and Catherine to ever find happiness? There have been times in which it felt unattainable, like it is something that would forever be out of reach.

At around the 45-minute mark during the series finale Thursday night, it looked as though their entire future was completely wiped away, and that happiness would never be found. After getting their affairs in order and preparing to go away to live their own lives, it certainly felt as though the two characters died. We had a teary eulogy scene courtesy of JT, and at around this point we figure that the majority of the fandom was drowning in an avalanche of tears and/or feels. This scene may go down as the most emotional one we’ve seen in four seasons, even if there was one thought lingering in our mind: They weren’t actually dead, right? That’s an awfully depressing end for this show to have.

Ultimately, JT and Tess got the hint that our heroes weren’t actually alive thanks to a potential job offer that he received — the timing of it was certainly suspicious. Meanwhile, Heather started to get suspicious herself when she saw a few belongings missing. Sure, this may have been among the most predictable reveals ever, but at the same time we still welcomed it with open arms … particularly when it comes to Heather’s reaction to it.

As for where Cat and Vincent ultimately were, there was a pretty clear clue in the title: They were in France, with Cat’s new name feeling like a very proper tribute to a certain other famed “Beauty and the Beast” character. Eventually JT and Tess found them, and the same goes for Heather. Happy ending achieved! They got to have everything they wanted, even if it was a slightly different way than they may have imagined.

While this may have been a finale that was fairly easy to telegraph, it was the ending fans deserved, and thanks to that little tease of Cat and Vincent still fighting crime in the closing seconds, a little bit of their classic edge still remains. Finale Grade: A-.

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