‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ spotlight: Is Paul Wachter this season’s hidden treasure?

Paul -

Paul Wachter is a hoot. If there is one thing we’ve learned from his “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” bio and video, it is this. The guy is incredibly entertaining, and while there’s a good chance that he is completely out of his mind, we almost don’t mind that since every sign out there points towards him being a personality to watch. If he makes it far enough, we easily see this guy being a contender on an All-Star season.

As for whether or not he will be a good player … well, that is an entirely different story.

Tribe – Takali (Gen X Tribe).

Bio – She’s a 52-year old boat mechanic from Sugarloaf Key, Florida, which is located (of course) east of Key West. He’s a guy who lives fairly far off the beaten path, and has an affinity for going out hunting for treasure after tourism season (otherwise known as stuff that reckless teenagers on spring break forget). He also plays in a rock band, and home-schooled his children while touring the country.

Positive attributes – The guy’s obviously a big personality, and if there’s some boredom on the Gen X tribe, maybe he serves as entertainment? He’s someone who could be a workhorse, or if nothing else, he could be a useful ally and someone who will be a target that you can hide behind. His value in this game could be very much dependent on what other players decide to do with him, since we don’t get the sense that he will always steer the ship strategically.

Potential negatives – The man is a hot mess! He seems well aware that he talks a lot, and that could easily grind the gears of the other players. We don’t really get the sense of his precise strategy, and the fact that he compares himself to Ozzy doesn’t necessarily speak a lot to the sort of player he could be out there. He could be the sort of guy who has to deal with all of the negative aspects of being a leader and almost none of the perks.

“Survivor” comparisons – As we said, the guy cites Ozzy, and that’s not the sort of game we personally would compare Paul to. We’re thinking more of a Troyzan, a Jimmy T, or to a certain extent a Coach. He’s the sort of guy who thinks he can do everything the younger contestants can, and will not be afraid to either take charge or make his presence known.

Early assessment – For entertainment alone, we’d love to see him get far; however, we just don’t think it will happen with this tribe. In watching some of the other videos we almost get the sense that some other tribe members are already targeting him pre-season, and he is going to have a hard time fitting in with so many other alpha males who think they can do everything without him.

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