‘Mistresses’ season 4: Brett Tucker reacts to cancellation

Last night, “Mistresses” was officially canceled by ABC, and we do certainly feel the pain of many fans over the news. While in some ways we did admittedly see it coming (the ratings were not exactly good), it’s still rather sad to hear.

As the news is still rather fresh, we haven’t had a chance to hear too much from many of the cast members yet about the end of the show — but we did get to see this message below courtesy of Brett Tucker, who played Harry over the course of the run.

There aren’t many silver linings that go along with the end of the show, but one thing that is particularly notable about this one is that the show is ending at a time that should allow the cast to go out and look for other jobs. Pilot season has yet to get into full gear, and in theory it’s possible that some of them could be back on our TVs as regulars elsewhere by next all. Heck, they could even find a gig before then, given that some do have a tendency to pop up here and there.

Ultimately, we do recognize that it would have been nice to have a season 5, but as it stands, we’re going to continue to believe / hold out hope that all of the characters who survived the finale found some happiness without all of the craziness that did seem to define the vast majority of their lives.

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