‘Ink Master’ season 8 exclusive: Geary Morrill on elimination, twist and second chances

Ink Master“Ink Master” season 8 has kicked off with a new twist: Nunez vs Peck and so far this has been a really fun spin on one of our favorite shows. One thing that has not changed as a result of this format is the surprising eliminations. When you look at his level of experience, you would not expect Geary Morrill to be sent home at this point in the season. Yet, it happened on Tuesday night’s new episode, and we’re left to see what happens now with Team Peck.

We had a chance to talk to Morrill about his time on “Ink Master” and spoke to us about why he probably wouldn’t return if given the opportunity, the team twist, and also who some of the potential threats are to win this season.

CarterMatt – Were you surprised when the judges called your name to go home and who do you think should’ve gone home over you?

Geary Morrill – I wasn’t really surprised. I had let them know that I thought that both Gia and Ryan were better suited for that competition than I was. At that point, I think I made it hard for them to make any other decision than the one they did.

If you had a second chance to come back into the competition, is there anything you would do differently?

Honestly, I don’t think I would do it again. The only reason I say that is because I have realized that the time constraints and added pressure of the competition just didn’t allow me to perform to the best of my abilities.

Did you find the team twist to be more or less helpful to the overall game play?

For me, it didn’t matter too much. I think it added to the anxiety and drama of the situation, but I decided early on to block all of that stuff out and just try to focus on doing the best tattoos I could.

What was your favorite part about being on “Ink Master”?

I loved getting to meet the other artists. There were a few people I already knew on the cast, but I met several really nice and talented people. It was an honor to be included.

Who do you think has it in them to win this season of Ink Master?

I think there are about 5 people who could win. Sketchy, Ryan, Gian, Nikki, and Kelly.

If clients want to book you for a tattoo, what is the best way for them to do so?

My email is [email protected]!


We want to thank Geary for chatting with us about his time on “Ink Master” and we were sorry to see him go. We’ll have more interviews throughout the season (as well as reviews and previews of the show), so be sure to check back.

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