‘Law & Order: SVU’ stages ‘ER’ reunion with Anthony Edwards, Mariska Hargitay

Law & Order: SVU logoWith this particular bit of “Law & Order: SVU” casting, we’re dipping down into the annals of TV history — and it’s fairly exciting.

According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Anthony Edwards of “ER” fame is going to guest-star on an upcoming season 18 episode, but for the time being there aren’t a wide array of details available about the role. This is a little bit of a reunion for the actor and Mariska Hargitay, who appeared on several episodes of “ER” starting in 1997. Anytime that you get to honor any sort of shared history between two actors is a fairly exciting proposition, even if it is almost two decades after the fact. (This is also a reminder of just how long “SVU” has been on the air, and how vast an impact it has.)

Edwards joins a roster of guest-cast performers for this upcoming season that already has one notable name at the top of the list in Vice-President Joe Biden. Kelli Williams, meanwhile, is going to appear in an upcoming episode that is inspired in part by “Making a Murderer.” There are likely many more coming who have not been announced yet, and of course there is a new person running the metaphorical ship this season in Rick Eid. We don’t expect there to be too many fundamental differences from season 17.

The new “SVU” season will be premiering now in under two weeks, so we certainly expect that there are going to be a variety of new reports coming up in the weeks ahead.

(Photo: NBC.)

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