‘Mistresses’ season 4 finale reaction: Show boss on shocking Karen Kim decision

We certainly understand if you are still reeling from the “Mistresses” finale, and we’re right there with you. There are certainly questions aplenty out there, but the one that is the most prominent is this: Why in the world write out Karen Kim, or at least the Yunjin Kim version? Well, it may have a thing to do with the showrunners wanting to make a big move coupled with the actress herself showing an interest in moving on.

Speaking on the subject to TVLine, show executive producer Rina Mimoun explained that there was some collaboration that went into the exit than what you actually saw:

“… it was entirely mutual. We came into the fourth season, and Yunjin expressed an interest in moving on to pursue other projects. And we said, ‘It’s so funny you’re saying this to us now, because we’re fiddling around in the writer’s room with the idea that we want to do something big.’ I remember when K.J. [Steinberg] and I first began the show, we were still mired in the BBC version of it all, we always said, ‘If anyone’s going to die on this show, it would be Karen.’ We didn’t always know that was the journey we’d take, but when Yunjin expressed an interest in doing other things, we asked, ‘How would you feel about Karen dying?’ We didn’t want to do what we did with [Alyssa Milano’s] Savi, having a character of ours out in the world that we don’t see. And Yunjin was like, ‘Do it!’ She knew Karen was going to die before the first table read of Season 4. She was such a trouper all year, holding in this secret.”

Mimoun also made it clear that the mysterious Karen Kim who showed up at the end of the finale could be a player in a possible season 5, which could still happen potentially as a final season. With that being said, ABC’s got some time to make that decision and we don’t expect an announcement tomorrow.

For now, what do you feel about the decision to write out Kim’s version of Karen, and the future of the show? Share below.

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