Crime Dynamic Duos: ‘The X-Files’ (Mulder / Scully) vs. ‘Scorpion’ (Walter / Cabe)

Duos -We’ve spoken rather frequently during our Crime Dynamic Duos series so far about some of the more traditional pairings that you’ve seen in this genre; now, we’re about to head over to the atypical. While we’re looking at a showdown today between a #1 seed and a #8 seed, these are two shows that are notable in that neither solves crimes in the same way you see the standard cop procedural. For one, you’ve got a series in “The X-Files” that looks at the paranormal; meanwhile, the other in “Scorpion” is much more comedic and features geniuses often in the place of cops.

Yet, we do feel like the goals of each show are the same: Take down the bad guys! We’re really excited to see how everyone votes here. (You can vote however often you want until September 12.)

The X-Files,” Mulder and Scully (1) – One of the most iconic pairs in TV history, and two people with a knack for solving any crime at any time. What makes their partnership so interesting to us that they have managed so much success over the years without having the benefit of common ground all of the time. Part of the core of the show is their varying philosophies that they take, and while their relationship has also had its own peaks and valleys, it has never gotten in the way of the final goal.

Scorpion,” Cabe and Walter (8) – These two have an interesting bond in that, like Mulder and Scully, they’re very different people with different outlooks on the board. Of course, from there the relationships completely diverse. Walter is the super-genius who helps Cabe stop various disasters, and he does so with his resourcefulness and at times his unique ability to analyze situations in unconventional ways. Yet, sometimes his intellect causes him to miss the obvious or the common-sense solution. That is where Cabe comes into play.

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Duos Round 1

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