‘Zoo’ season 2, episode 12 / finale review: Who died, and who was cured?

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Over the course of the final two episodes of “Zoo” Wednesday night, what we had was ultimately a whole mess of emotions. During the first hour, we found ourselves incredibly angry when it seemed obvious that the team was going to be getting screwed over on Pangaea. They were so desperate at that point to figure things out that, of course, they didn’t see the danger they were in.

Then, the show had us bawling in the second hour when they killed off Mitch, but in the process gave him one of the most heroic send-offs possible as he died in order to ensure the safety of everyone else. In the end, his efforts paid enormous dividends as the cure actually started to work! Just when we were starting to dry our eyes in the wake of what happened to Mitch, basically turned into a waterfall when everyone started to embrace the dogs. (We haven’t even mentioned our emotions at the end of Davies.)

While the good news of the animal cure started to spread around the globe, everyone still had questions regarding what is next. For Jamie, she had to try to figure out precisely what was going on with Logan — or, as we should call him, Edward Robert Collins. Can you blame him for wanting to be named after Wolverine, really? There are plenty of other things to blame him for, right?

We’d spend more time focusing on this were it not for the other problem that Robert Oz unleashed on the world — basically, he made the entire show into “Children of Men” thanks to his move to sterilize all of humanity. He may have done so with Jackson in mind, but he clearly didn’t think of anyone else. Basically, the animal attacks stopped, but there was a different way for the world to end. We jumped forward in time in the closing minutes, just to see precisely what this new world would be like. All was peaceful (at first) when it comes to the hybrid attacks — but that was before none other the Clementine, the little girl Abe once helped, showed up as an adult to pass along a very important message: Mitch may still be alive, after all! Everything could begin again there, albeit in a different form.

We’re not sure how you are even reading any of this through the tears, but this was an interesting, crazy, and perfect finale by “Zoo” standards. We’re not sold on the time jump or the new twist on humanity, but we’re willing to see it through in season 3. Grade: A-.

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