‘Murder in the First’ season 3 finale review: Who killed Normandy Parker?

Murder in the First -Going into Sunday night’s season finale for “Murder in the First,” there was one thing that we wanted to see over the course of anything else: Answers when it comes to the Normandy Parker case. This is the story that has overwhelmed most of the story so far this season, and in the end, the show came up with a conclusion that was smart, sensible, and didn’t leave as many hanging chads as other mystery shows.

In the end, Alicia Barnes’ own father Paul, coupled with Billy, managed to plan the murder of Normandy. from there, he managed to take Billy out, and worked to pin the murder elsewhere. This in turn would allow him to continue to hold his creepy hold on Alicia, who really didn’t want to believe the recordings. At first, she did not want to even listen to her.

In the end, we saw Hildy do her best to get Alicia on the straight and narrow before letting her go, making her see a dead body in the morgue who died of an overdose.

Was there justice for Normandy? It’s hard to define such a word. However, through the actions of Alicia’s mother (even if it was the ultimate sacrifice that she chose to make), she now has another chance at life. That’s all that you can really hope for here.

Siletti turns things around – We saw that he was moving things around after the end of his trial, and tonight, he announced publicly that he is going to be looking more towards helping defendants and seeing their side of the story. After being in danger himself, he feels what that is like … and also understands the right sly move for him to take in his career.

While likable or not at this point, Siletti does still understand how to play the game. his speech was by and large all about doing that. The story was over, but if the show returns, there is that opportunity still for more.

As a whole, we’d argue that the third season came to a close in a fairly satisfying way, mostly because the performances were strong and the writers did manage to include every member of the main cast within here. At times, that has been a difficult struggle with so many different characters having to juggling different aspects of the plot without many intersections. Maybe the non-Normandy storylines needed more play than they had tonight, but as we noted, this was a finale very limited in time. If there’s a season 4, could there be some further opportunities to explore their stories? We’re always down for more Raphael Sbarge.

The one other thing that we’d say is that we wish that the finale had a little bit more of Terry and Hildy together aside from that nice moment at the end. Yet, the complexity of the stories, and nature of the big twist with Alicia’s mother, were enough to keep us hooked. Finale Grade: B+.

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