‘Power’ season 3, episode 8 review: Angela makes a move on Greg

Angela -One of the best things about “Power” as a series is that it resists what has to be one of the most common of series temptations: It actually allows many of the people in law enforcement to be reasonably intelligent individuals. They consider theories, follow evidence, and at times are able to build hunches based on human behavior.

Take, for example, what Angela found herself victim to at the tail end of Sunday’s episode: Greg figuring out precisely what she was doing in trying to free Jamie of his guilt in what happened to Lobos. She may be a good actress, but he was not deterred by any of the videos or photos that she showed him. She did her best to act heartbroken and even went so far as to sleep with him, but that still did not cause him to think anything other than that the two are still working together.

The saddest part of this for Angela is that she’s really not working with James anymore. She just cannot prove that he was guilty, and at the same time, there may also be a part of her aware of why he is acting like he is all of a sudden, and it doesn’t have to do with his feelings for her. She’s just in danger of being thrown behind bars for actions she did not even commit.

Elsewhere at the moment, the walls continue to close in on Jamie in unexpected ways, given that Milan is getting closer to Tasha while Tariq is starting to full under Kanan’s spell. From every angle he is getting attacked, and you can tell that the present state of things, which include being at the mercy of Milan and having a version of Tommy who he cannot fully control, is getting to him. His drinking habits are further evidence of that.

We leave tonight with everyone stretched thin, and not entirely sure as to how to move forward. Hopefully, the coming episodes will shed a little bit more light on that, even though we’re well aware there is not too much more story left to tell this season. Grade: B+.

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