‘Poldark’ season 2, episode 1 review: The journey to save Ross

The second season of “Poldark,” otherwise known as the show where people stare at the ocean while standing on pretty rocks, is officially back!

We joke because the show, despite its occasionally-too-lengthy longing glances, is incredible British entertainment. It’s dramatic in all of the ways that you would want a primetime drama to be. We cannot speak so much for its accuracy to the books or the original series, but the premiere Sunday night on BBC showed precisely why the series was so popular the first time around.

For one, you’ve got serious stakes! For much of the premiere episode, what Ross Poldark faced was severe danger in terms of potentially being hanged as a result of his crimes. George did everything that he could to tilt the odds further in his favor, including at one point having a judge with favorable ties to him.

As for the word of Francis, let’s just say that it is falling apart at the seams. The presence of Ross has slowly destroyed his relationship with Elizabeth, and to take that another step further, his own gambling addiction has led to the dissolution of much of the family funds. We’re not surprised at all to see Francis looking his own undoing in the faith, considering whether or not hanging up his own life is the right move. It’s devastating, and yet in line with what we know about this man and also his sense of self.

One other element we liked about the premiere was the subtle introduction of new faces, including a young woman in Caroline who could prove herself intriguing.

We like to think of the premiere as one that is setting the table, leaving out the silverware, and preparing you for the main course. While Ross is alive, it also feels clear that he is not out of the woods just yet. Elizabeth reminded us over the premiere that she is one of the better political players in this world, and she tried to use whatever power she could. George eventually made Ross and “offer” of friendship, one that could have spared him. but one that he did not expect. What did you really think he would do? His stubbornness is one of many reasons that we adore him so.

Other assorted highlights from tonight…

1. Yes, we’re sure that people out there loved the mining scene.

2. Personally, we loved Ross and Demelza coming together after what happened with Julia. Grade: A-.

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