‘MasterChef’ exclusive: Katie Dixon on elimination, future plans, culinary passions

Katie -

Katie Dixon made it incredibly far on “MasterChef” this season, surpassing many rivals on her way to the top six. Were it not for an eclair, who knows? She may still be there in the top five, fighting to stay and make it to the finale.

Luckily, it seems that she is taking that elimination in stride, and that is one of many things we spoke to her about in an email exit interview this week alongside everything that she is working on now.

CarterMatt – How are doing after watching your elimination? Was it tough to re-live that?

Katie – I am doing great! I hosted this weeks party at my home as a big thank you to my friends and family for all the support they have shown me throughout this experience! I made a delicious dinner and of course had to make cheesecake and eclairs for dessert! It was tough reliving my elimination but also so encouraging. Chef Ramsay really taught me so much and this experience has taught me to be a better cook and person.

In looking back at your last challenge, do you do a lot of second-guessing? What’s the one thing you wish you could change?

I wish I would have just dunked that eclair in the chocolate I had ready! Of course I replay that night in my head over and over! I had the white chocolate filling already in my pastry bag and had my white chocolate ready on the stove for the top of my eclair. Time got the best of me! Ultimately it was my time to leave the kitchen and I am at peace with that!

In general, you made it REALLY far. Did being on the show exceed your expectations?

I am so proud of making the top 6 on MasterChef! I definitely will keep a smile on my face about this entire process. My expectations were exceeded by 100%. The only thing that could have made my experience greater would have been coming home with the trophy! I had no idea how much I would grow in the MasterChef kitchen. I am so excited about the doors that have been opened because of MasterChef!

Is there any specific type of dish you wish you had showed off to the judges that you didn’t get a chance to?

I wish I would have been able to showcase my passion of healthy cooking for the judges with one of my delicious nutritious dishes that are infused with fresh herbs and spices rather than people seeing me as just the veggie girl! I love incorporating foods from my travels into the kitchen. I take international foods and put a healthy southern spin on them. A favorite at my house is my version of a dish I first had in Monaco.

What’s been the immediate impact of doing the show on your life? Are you getting asked to cook more than ever? 

It has made a huge impact! It has been a platform for me to be able to travel and speak to children, youth and adults on how food can fuel your body. I’m such an advocate for teaching the youth of our country the importance of REAL food and how to get back in the kitchen and start with the basics! I’m traveling a lot but I love it! I’m blessed to be able to do what I love.

What are you hoping to do now that the experience is over? Do you have any specific food ambitions? 

I hope to impact the lives of many by sharing my joys in the kitchen. I dream of my little food truck with a big heart! I’m working on my first cookbook and also expanding my website (www.chefkatiedixon.com) I  just finished my first 6 cooking videos and can’t wait to share them with each of you! I’m also very excited about MasterChefs new partnership with EatWith. At the end of the day I’m just a little chef with a big heart and big dreams!!!!

I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback you have been sending my way via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

For those wondering, You can read more about the EatWith partnership at this link. What this is basically is an opportunity for you to join a “communal table” of sorts, where you can visit a location and dine with other people, receiving meals crafted by some present and past contestants. It’s a cool opportunity if you’re in a neighborhood where one of the contestants resides.

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