‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ spotlight: Is Ken McNickle the best of both worlds?

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Is “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” the season of great voices? We’re starting to wonder that. Adam Klein’s was also sorts of tremendous, and now we find ourselves saying the same exact thing about Ken McNickle. The guy sounds almost like a mix of Boston Rob and Sylvester Stallone, and while we wonder about his ability to win the game, he posses a skill set that makes him a really interesting player this season.

Also, you should probably start envisioning some corners of the internet already supporting him as a potential challenge beast.

Tribe – Takali (Gen-X Tribe)

Bio – He’s a 33-year old model from Denver, Colorado, though he mentions that he lived off the grid for many years in Hawaii before learning that he had a young daughter. That caused him to move away from a free-spirit sort of life into something more stable. In addition to modeling, he also has a nonprofit in HumaneKind.

Positive attributes – First things first, you just gotta look at the guy! He’s in great shape, he’s got a natural charm, and he’s a workhorse. His years off the grid make him invaluable to any tribe, even a Gen X one filled with people with big egos who think they know how to rough it. He seems like a strong, capable, loyal guy who could be a good component to an alliance. Ultimately, he’s the sort of guy who could have an incredibly-easy time winning if he makes it to the end.

Potential negatives – The odds of him making it to the end are very low since it could take a Mike Holloway sort of challenge run to do it. He’s going to be an obvious physical threat, and we could also see him trying too hard to be a leader and annoying a few people here and there in the process. This is the sort of guy who becomes a super-easy target at the merge, when you want to get him out before he starts to go on a challenge run and puts you in danger.

“Survivor” comparisons – We definitely understand the Ozzy comparison, given that they both are physically strong and are naturally built for the outdoors. However, we’d say that his current life is more akin to maybe an LJ from “Survivor: Cagayan,” a younger version of Terry Deitz, or even Mike Holloway. His best-case scenario is that he can be a Tom Westman, but that may be tough since he’s actually the youngest person on his tribe.

Early assessment – There’s a ton to like about Ken on the surface, and we do think that he brings some of the energy and spirit of a Millennial to go alongside a Gen X life experience. He could function in either tribe. It’s just hard to imagine him being someone who makes it to the final six since he’s so much a target, and with his story and his philosophy on life, we’re not sure how willing he is to play dirty.

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