‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ season 11, episode 12 review: Are Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd becoming friends?

Kelly DoddLast time on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” we saw Meghan King Edmonds under fire from some of the other housewives for not helping Vicki Gunvalson when she was alone at the hospital.  After learning just how severed the accident really was, Meghan made things right by seeing Vicki and apologizing, but she also blamed Tamra for being “reckless”.  This is a comment that isn’t sitting right with anyone and twill be coming to a head tonight.

The last time Tamra talked to Meghan she told her to go to hell, but with Shannon selling her house (and only having one week to move out) Tamra will be going over for a packing party. Tamra is bringing reinforcements  in the form of Kelly, just in case things are really awkward with Meghan. We were a little surprised that Shannon said okay to Kelly coming over to help with the packing, but Shannon wants to find a way to move forward from everything that happened.

When Kelly shows up at Shannon’s house, she gives Shannon a peace offering and an apology, which is probably a good idea since Shannon’s new house is in the same neighborhood as Kelly’s. Shannon accepts her apology and decides it’s time to move on – something we never thought would happen. These two have said some pretty awful things to each other, so it’s really nice to see them move forward and give this another shot.

With Kelly and Shannon working through some really tough stuff, are Tamra and Meghan also going to be able to move past their tension? Meghan has been saying that Tamra was “reckless” when it comes to the dune buggy accident, and Tamra is none to pleased about it – especially since Meghan wasn’t even there. Tamra confronts Meghan about her comments, and Meghan apologizes for using that word and they are on better terms now.

Shannon and David’s daughters are having a rock show and while there we saw Kelly apologize to David for the night at the 70’s party – looks like everyone is working out their differences. With everyone making nice-nice you may think the drama is over… but it’s not. Donna (Shannon’s mother-in-law) and Vicki (Shannon’s sister-in-law) arrive at the girls rock show and Shannon tells the ladies that these two have never liked her. In a weird turn, Donna introduces herself to Kelly and then immediately starts to air the family’s dirty laundry saying that she doesn’t get to see her grandchildren often because Shannon hates her. Not only that, but Donna tells the ladies that David had his affair, because Shannon pushed him into it.

With Kelly and Shannon now working on their friendship, Kelly and Tamra tell Shannon what Donna said to her and it sets her off – especially the part about her “pushing” David into an affair. Shannon is not only furious, she’s completely crushed. David comes to Shannon’s defense, saying that he takes responsibility for his own actions and that Shannon didn’t do anything wrong.

We were really excited to see the ladies make up (well not Shannon and Vicki, but maybe we will get there with them too), because we don’t watch this show for the fighting and drama of it all. We love this show when the focus is on the glamour and exotic trips so we can live vicariously through their wealth. There wasn’t a lot of glamour in this episode, but we know there is more to come this season. Episode grade: B

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