‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ spotlight: Will Jessica Lewis be season’s top attorney?

Jessica Lewis -

It’s not often that you get to see two attorneys on the same season, let alone two on the same tribe. That’s what is interesting right now about the Gen X group on “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” You’ve got on one side Chris Hammons, and today we’re looking at Jessica Lewis.

Jessica’s a bit of an interesting case as a player in that we feel like, going into the game, we know her fairly well as a person from the material out there. Yet, at the same time, we don’t know very much about how she is going to play the game. She’s a little bit on a wild-card on a rather predictable tribe.

Tribe – Takali (Gen-X Tribe)

Bio – He’s a 37-year old assistant district attorney currently residing in Voorheesville, New York (not far from Albany), and she comes from a hard-working background. Her parents were both farmers, and she has that sort of humble-beginnings narrative that inspired her to push herself through law school and get what she wanted out of life.

Positive attributes – The thing that is hammered home time and time again through all of this is precisely how driven Jessica is. You’re dealing here with someone who has done an impressive amount in her life at her age, and for the sake of the game, probably will have a pretty good read on how to manipulate people in order to do what she wants. Yet, at the same time she has a certain laid-back part of her personality where she just wants to embrace the experience. She’s less intense than fellow attorney Chris, and that may help her to be under the radar. Her work ethic will certainly be something appreciated around camp.

Potential negatives – As we noted earlier, we’re not entirely sure how she is going to play this game or if she will incredibly aggressive. Maybe that could aid her in that some people won’t find her a threat, but at the same time, she’ll need to articulate her game fairly well if she is going to win in front of a jury. We know that she’s great at convincing juries, but it’s a little different when making a case for yourself.

Ultimately, Jessica’s probably the hardest person to analyze so far because even after watching this video and reading her lengthy bio, she’s still a little bit enigmatic.

“Survivor” comparisons – She cites Cirie Fields, and that actually may tell us more about the game she wants to play than anything else. If she tries to scheme and be like Cirie, we’d be thrilled! Her story (in between farm life and being an attorney) reminds us somewhat of Chaos Kass, and admittedly we had a hard time gauging her game before “Survivor: Cagayan.” We’re also reminded slightly of Sarah Lacina from “Cagayan,” someone who at one point had a lot of potential.

Early assessment – Jessica really is another one of those players who we could see going home in the first four episodes, or make it really far at the end. It’s all going to depend on her social game and her strategy. We don’t think she will be seen as a huge threat, so she could use that to her advantage. The biggest thing that she needs to do is manipulate behind the scenes, and let other people think they’re in charge. Then, start making bolder moves at around the final eight so that once people realize how good you are, there’s nothing they can do to stop you.

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