‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 promo: Could Danny be arrested for murder?

Blue Bloods season 7The season 7 premiere of “Blue Bloods,” per the promo, is premiering on September 23. Why wait that long to get a sense of what’s coming?

This preview thankfully does a great job of setting up what may be the most important premiere for the series that we’ve seen in some time. It’s one thing to have to take down someone while on the job; it’s another thing entirely to do so when the person may or may not have been armed. This is the dilemma Danny Reagan now faces with Thomas Wilder, the serial killer he shot last season. In the moment, Wilder was egging him on before the shooting, trying to make him believe that he had a gun. You can argue that Donnie Wahlberg’s character was acting in self-defense fearing for his life.

Yet, at the same time, it is clear that revenge was on his mind during the shooting, and some new evidence that has surfaced could raise some further questions as to whether or not this particular shooting was murder. He may need the help of the rest of his family to prepare for questioning, since his entire future could be on the line here if things go south and he prepares in the wrong way.

Do we hate to see this sort of negative spotlight on Danny? Absolutely, but at the same exact time there is a part of us happy to see that the producers are making this character face his past, and they’re not forgetting about it. This authenticity helps make the show feel true to life.

(Photo: CBS.)

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