‘Power’ season 3, episode 7 review: Ghost, Angela crack further as Milan makes his move

Power -After last week’s game-changing “Power,” which brought to light both a betrayal as well as a breakup, there were many different directions that the series could go. Unfortunately for James St. Patrick, they’ve descended further into the depths rather than come back up for air.

Tonight, we saw Jamie and Angela pushed further away as he refused to be open regarding what happened with him and Lobos, even though she was staring at an investigation in the face that could lock her up for good or even worse. She was under suspicion of helping to orchestrate the plot, even though she made a solid counter-argument as she made the case for being the person responsible for playing Jamie in the first place. She saved her hide for now, but until the real source of the leak comes out, she could be sweating bullets while her former lover feels an entirely different pressure: Milan breathing down his family’s neck.

After learning that “Dean” was really the drug kingpin, Ghost felt the pressure to get enough money together to orchestrate a club deal that could benefit all parties; meanwhile, Milan also sat down for dinner with Tasha and the kids, further cementing his status as someone who could get to Jamie on all levels. This is a guy who is a force to be reckoned with, and Jamie’s gotta prepare for whatever that may bring.

Elsewhere, Tommy is both emotionally and physically raw now after learning from Tasha that Holly was pregnant; what was happening to him physically at the end of the episode is the equivalent of what may have been happening within his heart.

While this episode was fairly slow-moving, we’d say that most of the police-work behind the scenes was interesting to watch as the dots connected back to Jamie. As a whole, though, we do think there are two issues the series is dealing with.

1. Making Tariq go off the deep end at a really rapid pace; he found the gun a few episodes back, and now he’s putting his hands on his mother and insulting Angela to Jamie’s face. Can’t we slow things down a little?

2. Meanwhile, it may be time to speed them up with Kanan. The show really is going to have to pay this off in order for the lengthy journey to be worth it.

As a whole, we’d argue that Sunday’s episode was probably one of the weaker episodes of the season, mostly because it had the misfortune of following up some huge hours where a lot ended up happening. In the end, though, we’d say that “Power,” even a notch down, is still better than most stuff out there. Episode Grade: B.

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