‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 4, episode 11 review: Did Vincent and Cat finally run?

Beauty and the BeastFor years on “Beauty and the Beast,” one of the options for Cat and Vincent has always been to get the heck out of New York City, and it does make some sense. These are people who cherish normalcy more so than anything else, so eventually they will have a limit where they’ve hit too much.

While they hit that point on Thursday night’s “Meet the New Beast” and determined that running away really is the best option, they hit a less-than-welcome snag as they were getting aboard the plane: They were promptly arrested by a whole team of armed officers after Kyle made his move with DHS. He told Heather about it after she apologized for her recent behavior, and soon after that the entire plan was up in smoke.

Now, the larger question now is Kyle’s motivation. There is a serious part of us that is starting to think more than ever that he is a traitor and deeply involved in the whole super-beast nonsense. We really hope that’s not the case, given that it would be the most obvious reveal ever and something the show has done in other variations before. Not EVERYTHING is connected. Hopefully, we’re wrong and Kyle is just some uber-concerned boyfriend trying to find a way to ensure that Heather is safe and not subjected to so much mental anguish anymore.

The show continues to do great work producing great moments. It was nice to see Vincent and Tess have a sweet conversation, and of course Cat and Vincent had plenty of their own. The problem with this final season, though, simply remains that we’ve taken far too long to get to the final showdown, and there are now a lot of stories that are going to need to be resolved in an incredibly short period of time. There’s the arrest, Tess and JT, the new beast, and a few other loose ends here and there. It’s hard to imagine precisely how the show plans on tying all of this up. Grade: B-.

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