‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 1 review: Steve and Danny back in action, Chin faces losing Sarah

hawaii-five-0When we last saw the “Hawaii Five-0”  team, Steve was facing uncertainty with his health after a bullet ruptured his liver. Although we saw everyone step up to offer up help, it was Danny that saved the day! Another reminder that as much as these two like to bicker like an old married couple, they would do anything for each other and it’s this friendship that has us so heavily invested in this show. Don’t mistake that to mean that we don’t love the other character’s and stories, because we do, but there’s something really special about Steve and Danny’s friendship that we can’t help but eat up every week. So what does the premiere have in store for us?

We were wondering if there was going to be much mention of Steve’s shooting, but they brought us right back into it. He’s almost at the end of the healing process and while at the hospital chapel he meets a man who is a retired cop (this character was played by a CGI version of Jack Lord, the original McGarrett who passed away in 1998). The conversation gets deep pretty quickly and the man reveals to Steve that he’s been married for 45 years, saying that you really can have it all as a cop – it doesn’t have to be the job or a family.  Are we going to see Steve in a relationship by the end of the season… or maybe even before? He was talking to this man about the “one who got away”, so signs are starting to lean towards some romance in Steve’s future.

Sarah’s aunt and uncle were found and they are taking steps to adopt Sarah, much to Chin’s distress as he has become very close to her. He only has about a month left with her and plans to make every moment count. Not only that, he’s trying to find out as much as he can about this aunt and uncle, so he’s doing a background check on them. Is he hoping to find something wrong with them so he can keep Sarah?

We expected to see some tension between Steve and Danny and there definitely was over the liver transplant, but it was the same bickering that we love to watch from these two. What we really loved about this premiere is that everyone had some time in the spotlight and there were some stories threads started that we want to see continue throughout the season… like who is leaving these chess pieces and are they planning to kill Steve? Also, they did not hold back on the action one bit tonight and it felt a lot like we were watching a parkour video. Episode grade: B+

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