‘MasterChef’ season 7, episode 12 review: Did Terry go from winner favorite to out the door?

Terry -

Wednesday night’s “MasterChef” is a two-hour affair, and we’re separating the two reviews up since, after all, they are two separate installments!

The first hour proved to be reasonably fun when it comes to entertainment, though creatively there was one issue that we had with it: Too much fish. We like variety on this show, and going from cod to salmon wasn’t that exciting.

Mystery Box – Shaun fittingly won a competition that was all about elevated ingredients, given that these are things he’s accustomed to using. We’re sure it would have been more fun to see underdog Brandi (who was in the top three) take it home, but we’re rather glad she didn’t give that it means the judges are thinking of food over quality. Kevin Sbraga joined as the guest judge, and he of course showed up everyone making THREE dishes.

As noted, cod was one of the ingredients here, and for the most part the home cooks did a good job.

Elimination Challenge – Shaun had the chance to place home cooks in two separate groups: Canned salmon and cooked salmon. He viewed this as a chance to eliminate a big threat this time around, which is why he went after Terry, David, and others. David did well — unfortunately, Terry did not. After losing someone in Andrea who was a potential favorite earlier this season, we were somewhat concerned that he’d be joining her out the door. The only other option was Tanorria, who has been very impressive in her own right.

Yet, this was Terry’s only serious misstep in the competition. Was that enough to send him home? Shockingly, yes. We thought cumulative results would’ve saved him, but we’re now without another of the most talented contestants moving forward. As of right now, we’ll say the door is WIDE OPEN as to who could win. A shocking result, but that in some ways lifts the quality of the episode (even if we’re bummed to see Terry go). Episode Grade: B.

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