‘The Blacklist’ season 4, and the key question for Liz and Tom Keen

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhile we don’t want to call the relationship between Liz and Tom Keen on “The Blacklist” one that is completely doomed, and the same exact time it certainly doesn’t feel like things are looking good for the two of them at present. After all, just look at where things are going with “The Blacklist: Redemption” coming later this year. While cross-show romances do happen from time to time (NBC has perfected it with their “Chicago” franchise), they’re difficult since you’ve got a lot of logistics that you have to work through. Plus, it limits what the two could do on their separate shows.

At the moment, you’re of course not going to get a great sense as to what is coming up from anyone other than the vaguest of teasers, but we do like where Ryan Eggold’s head is at in a recent TV Guide quote. While there is a romantic history he shares with Megan Boone’s character, there is also one specific thing now that binds the two of them together:

“At the end of Season 3, they kind of for a moment … got a glimpse of their dream coming true … And then, it was taken away. … What is at stake for their relationship [now] is really their daughter. … Can they be parents? Can they bring a person into this chaotic, criminal world that they have?”

We do imagine that this will be difficult, but one way or another Agnes will probably be involved in the story to come. They have to ensure that there is a way to keep her safe, even if it means separating the child from them a la Scully and Mulder.

We’ll get a chance to see what the (immediate) future for these two is like when “The Blacklist” returns next month. The first order of business may be separating Liz from Alexander Kirk.

(Photo: NBC.)

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