‘Girl Meets World’ season 3, episode 12 preview: ‘Girl Meets Bear’ and the big hunt

Girl Meets World -Sure, we’ve dealt with major issues as of late on “Girl Meets World” over the past month, whether it be romantic feelings, marriage, or trying to solve the struggle of good vs. evil. Next week, we’ve got a real caper! It seems relatively lighthearted, but who knows? It’s possible that there could be some sort of larger story or deeper message buried somewhere underneath the surface.

Here’s what we can tell you, at least for the time being, about next week’s “Girl Meets Bear”: Barry the Bear, a long-treasured stuffed animal of one Riley Matthews, has gone missing. As a result of that, it’s up to her and the rest of her family / friends to try to find it. Maybe there’s some sort of specific reason that the bear is missing that is tied into a larger story; on its own, we don’t know how you frame an entire episode around this.

Then again, could this be the show’s way of taking a breather? We’d just say to look at it like this:

1. The show has dealt with heavy subjects as of late, and odds are more are going to be coming by the finale in 2017. Given that it could also be a series finale, it’s fair to expect some waterworks.

2. We haven’t seen the promo for this episode as of this writing, and there could be a few more clues in that as to what’s coming up. (Hopefully, we’ll have that for a discussion at some point over the weekend.)

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