‘Halt and Catch Fire’ season 3 premiere: What should happen

The third season of “Halt and Catch Fire” is almost here. As a matter of fact, it’s coming Tuesday night with a two-hour event! It’s been a long stretch of time since the series last aired, and there’s probably more of a need for a catch-up in this edition of our What Should Happen article series than most.

Where we left off – The lives of many of the series’ main characters were in shambles. Gordon’s debilitating mental illness and refusal to get help were taking a toll on his business, his marriage to Donna, and his entire family. Yet, both of them, with the help of a further unburdened Cameron, are taking Mutiny to California in hopes of a better life and new opportunities. It’s a chance for a fresh start with plans that they have already put into place.

Meanwhile, Joe MacMillan is emerging from the darkest of places himself, with another failed relationship and proclamations of his own futility. Yet, he remains a hustler, and with his own journey to California he has the potential to be that same devious titan many have warned him against.

What should happen – Early details from AMC suggest that for the first episode, Cameron and Donna are going to explore company options beyond chat, while Gordon settles in at the company and Joe looks to innovate with his latest product. That all sounds well and good, but you cannot wash away the demons and what we’ve seen so far. We expect a slow build to dealing with the psychosis and the obsession we saw from some of these characters in season 2, but there needs to be a serious addressing of what happens.

Oh, and how about after that happens allowing a few characters to have a little fun? Donna in particular needs a break after balancing the company and her home life on her shoulders far too long.

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