‘Mr. Robot’ season 2, episode 8 preview: Darlene’s time … to shine?

Darlene -Mr. Robot” would lose a certain degree of its identity were it to suddenly present a glass wall to its secrets. The show’s not going to do that. It would rather remain in shadow, giving you little peeks at the sunlight before putting on the blindfold once more.

Moving into next week’s “eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12,” this is precisely what we have: Ambiguity with a slice of uncertainty, with a plea for information tucked somewhere in there. Maybe we’re that person making the plea, but there are others within this world that could use some.

Is Darlene one of them? We cannot say that entirely. She has some of the information; what she needs instead is action and an incentive. USA’s official synopsis next week suggests she “acts on a desire from long ago,” words that seem perfect for the start of a fantasy epic as opposed to a computer-hacking drama mixed with a psychological thriller. With this sort of expectation comes hope for greatness. Luckily, this is a series with a reputation of meeting said greatness.

Elsewhere, what we know is as follows.

1. A video will surface with fsociety’s fingerprints all over it. They have power, but do they have stability?

2. If you are a Trenton / Mobley fan, maybe this is your time just as much as it is Darlene’s time.

If you are a fan of Elliot, maybe you can help us to get our brain mass off of the floor after the biggest conundrum of an ending in series history. We are left, once again, to wonder what is true and what is false following the prison reveal.

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