‘Suits’ season 6, episode 6 review: Louis Litt the master wood-worker

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There were many scenes throughout “Suits” 6×06 entitled “Spain” that the writers put hours of work into, making sure the emotional resonance was there and that the viewers could relate to the characters and their struggles. Then, there was also a lengthy sequence in which Louis Litt discussed his wood, and in those very moments we could see the writers room climbing into a time machine back to the fifth grade. It was so unbelievably stupid, and yet, we laughed. Often. That’s what this show and the Louis character do to you.

We don’t mean to get sidetracked with conversations of Louis’ wood, though this may be far from the last time we do so in this episode. After all, there are serious matters that must be attended to!

Mike Ross – After her learned the truth regarding Kevin Miller’s history, he started to have terrible dreams where he displaced his parents with Rachel, and the driver who killed them with Kevin. It’s a beautifully-tragic psychology the show is working with, and it makes perfect sense they would go this route.

The problem Mike faced throughout the episode was the struggle to place this in the back of his mind, and concentrate his energy more on ensuring that the fake deposition between William Sutter and Kevin, orchestrated by Harvey, led to the latter being emotionally worked-up enough to reveal the truth, and he did. It was not so simple as Sutter committing insider training; Kevin’s wife also was involved. Fantastic twist. Now, all of a sudden Mike could feel extra guilty about the knowledge he possesses.

Louis Litt – Okay, we’ve made you wait for too long: Let’s get back to Louis and his wood … er, the house. After realizing that Tara needed to see his Hamptons home right away, he hilariously convinced Donna, who made the executive decision to enter the executive decision, to get him the host with the shortest escrow in human history. Sure, Donna knew she was enabling this lie, but she cares about Louis and figures that one way or another, he’ll work his way out of it. True friendship here, folks.

Well, of course the incredible implosion happened when the true owners of the house came home while he was showing off the place and lie up a storm. He at least came clean when he was called out, and she didn’t completely hate him for it. Heck, she agreed to go out with him! Sure, you can argue that he skated on this pretty easy, but he’s clearly been punished enough having to spend hours upon hours debating wood. We promise we’re done being juvenile now. Truth is, we want little more on this show other than seeing Louis lit up with joy.

Rachel Zane – Meghan Markle’s getting some of her best material of the entire series, and she’s killing it. Her confrontation with Leonard Bailey over his lies was something fierce, and she made the perfect arguments to him as to why, despite his misgivings and his shame, he has to trust her. Eventually, he did. Here’s the problem: The execution date has been set, and she’s gotta figure out how to tell him.

Rachel’s story capped off what was a stellar, emotionally-charged hour of “Suits.” It may have started with wood jokes, but it ended with gut-punch after gut-punch including Mike being forced to tell Kevin that he won’t disclose the info he passed along. Grade: A.

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