‘Ink Master’ season 8, episode 9 preview: Are the teams going to be dismantled?

Ink Master judgesThis week on “Ink Master” we had our favorite tattoo challenge – pinup day. It always trips up the artists and it’s usually when we can start to see who is going to win the show (if you want to see who went home tonight then head on over to the link here so we don’t spoil it for anyone here who hasn’t watched yet). Now we are finally at the final ten and both team Nunez and team Peck have their top five artists.

We were hoping that the teams would be dismantled now that the top ten artists have been chosen, but the preview for next week’s episode shows that the teams are still in play and we aren’t really sure why. At some point they really need to be over, because while this was a fun twist, the teams aren’t really working the way they should be. No one on any of the teams is in an alliance or working together and since this is “Ink Master” there is only going to be one winner, not a team of winners. At least everyone will be back to competing again instead of having a team sitting a week out.

With the women’s alliance still going strong, Sketchy Lawyer is getting fed up with it. We understand where the women are coming from being that this is a male dominated industry and it’s very difficult for a woman to make her mark. Not only that but we have never seen a female winner and it’s been many seasons since we’ve seen a woman even make it to the end. That being said, we don’t want to see a woman win just to have a woman win, we still want it to be the best artists at the end regardless of gender. With Sketchy Lawyer out to destroy the women’s alliance, it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode¬†of “Ink Master”? Leave us a comment int he box below and share your thoughts with us. If you want to read more reviews, preview, and interviews with the eliminated artists then head on over to the link here.¬†(Photo: Spike TV)

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