‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 11 review: Is Joss looking to go back to jail or worse?

Last time on “Mistresses” Harry discovered Joss’ drug habit, but is she going to listen to him when he tries to help her? Also, Marc is busy hooking up with Sofia and thinking he’s going to be the next Dave Navarro, but what he doesn’t know is that April kicked her mother out and wants to see where things are for her and Marc. Karen is getting busy with Adam and for some reason Lydia is being a weird creeper, standing outside her bedroom door listening to everything (she really hasn’t had the best luck with nannies, has she?).

Harry and Joss: Harry is questioning Joss about the pills he found and she’s of course defensive, but she takes it to an extreme and calls off the wedding. This is hands down the worst fight we’ve ever seen on the show as these two finally hashed out everything that’s bothering them. What’s the real underlying issue? It all stems back from when Joss was on trial last year and Harry left the country for work. Yes, she did tell him to go, but she feels he should’ve stayed.

Harry: Jonathan’s audit is over and everything is fine, but Harry tells him that he’s going to go back to the Food Network. Jonathan asks Harry to give him 48 hours to “dazzle him”, but is that really what Jonathan is planning? Harry is trying to leverage both jobs for the best offer, but when he doesn’t hear from Jonathan for 2 days, Harry meets up with the Food Network to ink the deal. Things get really awkward when Harry shows up to the meeting and Jonathan is the new producer/investor in Harry’s show… and he’s replacing Harry as the lead. Now it looks like Harry is out of both jobs.

Joss: Marisol’s ex-boyfriend has come to the Impact class (after getting out of jail) to tell Joss that Marisol’s death is on Jackie for filling her head with “fight” when it didn’t need to go there. Joss is so stressed that she reaches for the drugs, but this time she doesn’t take them. Joss tells Jackie what happened and she’s ready to plot something to stop him from hurting another woman. Is Joss going to end up in jail again? Seems to be headed that way. Joss goes to this man and tells him that Marisol left a diary behind and that she has it at her place if he wants to meet her there alone. Later on, Joss and the ladies from the Impact class wait until he shows up to scare him, but instead Joss goes off the deep end, and pulls a gun out on this guy after beating him half to death. It has given her a bit of a wake up call that she’s out of control, but is she going to make the changes she needs to?

Karen: Lydia is worried about her secret coming out so she tries to quit her job with Karen, but she’s able to change her mind and with that Lydia deletes her online account. Adam is still pushing forward with his relationship and it’s winning her over – to the point where she’s ready to start introducing him to her friends. Karen has a small dinner to introduce everyone to Adam and the online dating profile finally comes to the surface. Adam shows her his profile and that he’s been “talking to her” online for a while and Karen is shocked. After talking more about it, she realizes the culprit behind it is Lydia… so needless to say, she’s fired. Is Adam and Karen over? Karen decides to throw Adam away instead of finding a way to salvage the relationship and while we understand that it’s awkward, she is throwing away a good man and it’s tough to watch. After thinking about things, Karen realizes what she threw away and leaves a message on his machine asking for a second chance.

April: Marc hasn’t returned April’s calls, but she manages to see him at one of Lucy’s events and tells him that she kicked Marjorie out and that she wants to talk. When Sofia pulls up and calls Marc “baby” the cat’s out of the bag. Sofia suggests that he move in with her instead of all the couch surfing he’s doing. Marc decides to give Sofia back her key so it looks like we might have a Marc and April reunion… or will we? Marc shows up at April’s house and he tells her that his relationship with Sofia is done, and as much as he loves her, he knows how hard his music choices are for her and he can’t feel her resentment anymore. The universe has other plans for April – she’s pregnant!

It was nice to see Harry and Joss make a break through where she tells him the truth about everything and he tells her how badly he sank his career. Maybe they both needed to hit rock bottom to be able to grow together. We don’t have many episodes left until the finale of “Mistresses” and we have found ourselves (every week) praying that this is going to be the episode that pulls some of these sad, tragic, miserable stories out of the show and infuse back in some the steamy, juicy romances that made this show so popular to begin with. No luck again this week. Episode grade: C-

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