‘The Night Of’ episode 6 review: ‘who killed Andrea?’ goes to trial

On Sunday night’s new episode of “The Night Of,” we finally had a solution to one of the season’s long-simmering mysteries: We now know that John Stone’s feet are going to be okay!

Of course, we’re obviously joking, but the reality is that the show has focused a tremendous amount of time on this story over the course of the fire season to date. It’s been in some ways ridiculous, but we’ve enjoyed in more than we should. He finally has the ability to wear shoes, which is certainly good given that this episode began with the character’s trial.

Creatively, the trial sequences were methodical in their approach and incredibly gripping. Basically, this was entirely within the boundaries we have come to expect from the show. It doesn’t pull any punches; we imagine that the biggest “surprise” through most of the episode was Chandra going on her own to interview the hearse driver, one who claimed that he was suspicious of Andrea because she was a “cat” to Nasir’s “yarn.” He may be a suspect, but would you really want to kill someone based on a quick read on someone? It’s hard to argue that you would.

From there, the second surprise was John paying a visit to the man who he saw arguing at the funeral, someone he determined had a connection to Andrea. Eventually, he found his way to her mother Evelyn’s financial adviser, who clued him in on the biggest clue of the season so far: Andrea’s stepfather stood to gain tremendously in the event she was dead. Money is a huge motivator, and it may be the turning point here.

Beyond that, Naz is still struggling to maintain his humanity in Rikers, and it is becoming harder and harder to do so. He tried to forge a deeper connection with Chandra before facing some harsh consequences of what he saw behind bars.

While of course we find ourselves wanting more of the trial, this episode delivered in spades from the funny (the cat scenes) to the strong character-building with John and Chandra trying to come into their own. Episode Grade: A-.

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