‘The Night Of’ episode 6 video: Naz’s trial begins

There are three episodes remaining on HBO’s “The Night Of,” and we are starting to at least feel like we are slightly closer to getting some answers than ever before.

Case in point: The end of this past episode. Obvious Duane Reade is hiding something about what happened that night; he ran from John Stone rather than answer questions. The promo below proves that he is still alive, and reasonably unscathed from whatever happens.

As a matter of fact, Stone definitely seems well enough to unload on Chandra for going to see someone important to the case without him, which could complicate things in terms of trust with the witness and if there were any questions he wanted to ask.

Meanwhile, from the Naz side of things the clear fear is that he is going to be continuously corrupted further at the hands of Freddy, who sees in him a source of great intellectual power. In some ways, we could foresee him not wanting Naz to get out of Rikers, just from the vantage point of it meaning that he has one less person that he can control. By the time this episode rolls around, we’re not even sure Naz is going to know how to live a normal life in the event that he does get out.

One other thing that we’re curious about after watching this is merely this: What is with Naz suddenly choosing to go to a school so far from home? Box is doing some digging, and there are at least some interesting discoveries.

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