‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 4, episode 10 review: Is there another beast?

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You waited for a good two weeks to see the next new episode of “Beauty and the Beast” come on the air, and after watching everything that The CW brought to the table for you, we certainly hope that it was worth it.

So what did we learn? Let’s start first and foremost with the solution to the whole beast-buyer situation that has been a point of great conflict for the majority of the season. We were desperately hoping for a long time to meet the buyer, feeling that the show was putting off a dramatic reveal until the last minute. Well, it just so turned out that we knew the buyer all along: It was Braxton, and the entire thing was part of his elaborate setup to pull Vincent in and then use him to do his bidding.

It’s a weird situation given that Braxton’s machinations actually served a specific purpose, and it turns out that there was some sound reasoning in what this said purpose one: He wanted to do his best in order to ensure that another threat out there, seemingly a beast, was stopped. Vincent seems to be the key in doing so. We have yet to meet this beast just yet through the lens of the show, but we’re really hoping for about a billion or so reasons that this is not Heather’s new boyfriend given that would be the most obvious thing ever. (This guy ended up causing major trouble for Heather and JT when he showed up looking for her.)

This revelation, coupled with Vincent doing what he could to turn in Braxton to the authorities, is helping for the time being to get the suspicion off of him. As for how long that will last, that remains to be seen since Catherine was barely able to keep herself out of jail after Tess initially was forced to arrest her.

Mostly for its sense of purpose, and setting up something epic for the final episodes, tonight’s “Beauty and the Beast” delivered. We just wonder if there is the time left to actually pay off what has been constructed to date.

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