‘Suits’ season 6, episode 5 review: Kevin’s past, Rachel’s mission, and Harvey’s game

Kevin -As we reach the halfway mark of “Suits” season 6 this summer, there are a few things that we have learned through what we would call a progress-focused episode on Wednesday night. No story was altogether wrapped up, but there were many that proved entertaining.

First and foremost, the merry-go-round with Mike Ross and Harvey Specter continues. Harvey and Sean Cahill did yet another clever dance in court and behind the scenes to play the game with William, while at the same time keeping in the back of their mind the arrangement regarding Kevin Miller and the deal to get Mike out. Unfortunately, Mike hasn’t made too much progress in terms of actually getting the answers yet … though he is clearly closer than he once was. He at least knows now that Kevin is behind bars over a drunk-driving incident that followed an argument with his wife, and the key here seems to be the subject of that said argument.

On a side note, what a great performance by Erik Palladino in here as he made it clear how hard it was for Kevin to be away from his children. It’s something that he put a lot into, and he talks about that in full in our interview from earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Harvey’s latest step in the waiting-game for Mike to get the much-needed information is making certain that he faces no further trouble from Frank Gallo, offering to represent him in what is really a bit of trickery on his part to get what he wants (Mike’s protection) while also making sure Frank has nowhere else to turn.

This all showed itself to be extremely-compelling stuff, though at times we wish matters between Cahill and Harvey were a little less murky. The seriousness of it was counter-balanced by Louis Litt working alongside Donna in order to get a vacation home in the Hamptons, a move to ensure that Tara actually has a place to remodel. This goes to show the further extent of their friendship, and also of course Louis’ desperation to impress someone he is more or less convinced could be a great love of his life.

In turning serious again, it’s refreshing to see Rachel have her own story again separate from Mike. After first being turned away by the Innocence Project, she eventually convinced Jessica to serve pro-bono on the Leonard Bailey – death row case. The latter realized that this could be a nice shot in the arm for Pearson Specter Litt from a PR vantage point, and it is certainly better than having people continue to speak about the firm in terms of all of the Mike Ross drama.

So while we’d say that no particular revelation in here shocked us, this entire episode was an excellent source of drama, and set the stage supremely well for all that is to come. Grade: A-.

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